Private vehicles no longer need to display 'road tax' stickers after registering from 10 February 2023

Below are steps to register digital road tax: 

1. Install MyJPJ App from App store, Google Play or Huawei App Gallery.

2. Open MyJPJ App and click "Daftar Akaun Baharu" for first time user.

3. Fill in your IC number correctly as your name will be appeared in the detail box accordingly. Complete the information needed and tick the small box for validation before your click "Hantar" to send in your personal information.

4. Answer 3 questions asked. Your answers will be used to do further validation in the future.

5. Finally, set your login password. With that, you have completed your registration step.

6. Once your registration is successful, you need to login again to be able to see your information. Click the Profile Icon. Your can choose "Lesen Memandu" to see your DRIVING LICENSE or "Lesen Kenderaan Motor" to see your ROAD TAX.  

With that you no longer need to display 'road tax' stickers on the car or bring your license in your purse while driving. 

Let's try out! 

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