The Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM) will continue to support and focus on the seven main pillars in its efforts to produce happy students, happy teachers, excellent schools, and a prosperous country.

Therefore, in the fifth pillar which focuses on welfare issues including the pressures faced by teachers, KPM has agreed to implement immediate steps, based on the preliminary report received, as follows:

  1. Abolishing any form of competition, celebration, or ceremony at all levels that does not have a significant impact on student learning and only adds to the burden of teachers. For example, the center's happiness competition, the most beautiful toilet, the best SPBT Operation Room, and so on.

  2. Reducing the frequency of school management elements review under the Malaysian Education Quality Standard (SKPM) involving teachers to only once a year.

  3. Setting a more flexible time to lock student attendance records for teachers, which is at 12 noon for morning sessions and 5 pm for afternoon sessions to avoid congestion in the system.

  4. The appointment of public examination supervisors under the control of the Examination Board (LP) and the Malaysian Examinations Council (MPM) is open to individuals other than teachers who are currently serving, such as retired government employees, students of the Institute of Teacher Education (IPG), and Higher Education Institutions (IPT) but must meet the established criteria.

  5. Limiting the organization of the Annual Teachers' Day celebration to the national and school levels only.

  6. Setting a summary of the Daily Lesson Plan (RPH) at the KPM level to ensure compliance with the requirements of the KPM Specialist Circular Letter No. 3/1999, which includes objective, teaching, and reflection elements.

  7. Strengthen the autonomy of teachers in planning and implementing teaching and learning (PdP) as well as classroom assessment (PBD) by making the Curriculum and Assessment Standard Document (DSKP) a reference.

All of these steps will be elaborated by the highest management of KPM and will be mplemented starting from the 2023/2024 schooling session.

KPM is always committed to ensuring the well-being of teachers is continuously maintained.




17 FEBRUARY 2023

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