Have you try "AI Untuk Rakyat"?

Have you try AI Untuk Rakyat?

The "AI Untuk Rakyat" is an online self-learning program designed to enhance public awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It aims to provide explanations about AI to all segments of society – students, stay-at-home parents, professionals in any field, senior citizens – essentially, anyone interested in learning and wanting to build a 'Digital Mind.'

The program is divided into two parts: 'AI Awareness,' also known as 'AI Aware,' and 'Appreciate AI,' or 'AI Appreciate.'

Both parts can be completed in approximately four hours. Each section is based on AI-related concepts explained through engaging activities and quizzes. After completing these quizzes, users will receive badges that can be showcased on their social media accounts. Users can take these quizzes as many times as they want. Upon completing the quizzes, they become holders of the AI Aware and AI Appreciate badges.

For more information, please visit: https://ai.gov.my/

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