2023 Malaysia Teacher's Day Theme

 Guru Insani Pemangkin Generasi Madani

May 16 has been chosen as Teachers' Day, a date that was historically significant for Malaysia through the Razak Report, which led to the National Education Policy. Every year, Teachers' Day is celebrated on May 16 to appreciate the sacrifices of teachers in educating the nation's children.

On March 5, 2023, the Minister of Education, Fadhlina Sidek, launched the Teachers' Day 2023 theme, "Guru Insani Pemangkin Generasi Madani" which means Teachers as Catalysts for Madani Generation. This year marks the 52nd anniversary of Teachers' Day celebrations, with the aim of revitalizing the spirit and soul of teachers to elevate the teaching profession based on the Philosophy of Teacher Education.

💗💗Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers!💗💗

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